1. I see both games have their ups and downs. The problem is that the Sims 4 is not expected to have those shortcomings. Even if you leave aside an analytic mind, you will feel empty after playing it, compared to the Sims 3, which amazingly expanded the scope of the Sims 2. Almost every single aspect of the Sims 2 was greatly improved with Sims 3, without taking in consideration the amazing open world. In the Sims 4 you can’t simply feel you are affecting the world around you as the Sims 3.

    I’m fine accepting the shortcomings of Sims 3 because they only are once Sims 4 came out. But I can’t just accept the shortcoming of the latest game. Sims 4 was a slap to a fan like me.

    1. I think you’re spot on there, totally agree with you! Sims 3 gives much more freedom and feels like a realistic world compared to 4.

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