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    Unlike previous RE games there is no reason to replay the game. So much content has been cut. The game has been cut down severely since PSX. The fact I could blitz this game in 3 hours (total play) and offered no real challenge.

    There are also less mechanics than the previous instalment and less playtime overall. My RE2 playtime is 24 hours. No B Scenario, no Mercenaries, Less mechanics. The gameplay was a 2. The story suffered too as I woulda rated it higher if the gameplay had been there to back it up. The fact is, when you get into the final 1/5th of the game, its so linear that you cannot get lost, cannot forget something and can’t even think. You look at where you are and know where to go, no optional exploration or anything.

    This game is 45GB big and honestly, it feels like 20GB of it was just copying over the RE2 Police station. There are better things to spend £50. Any game on my steam library with 4 hours playtime is usually unfinished. Save your money

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