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June ended up being a pretty quiet month at Side Mission Blog – with various other commitments and projects taking up time. Oh, and actually spending time playing games – what it’s all about!

June 2020 posts

Between some news posts about the free games released on the Epic Games Store, we also published a few articles:

Remember the sequel to Dead Island that has been in development for absolutely years? I had a look at what’s going on with that – What Happened to Dead Island 2?

Sony’s big reveal of the upcoming PlayStation 5 took place, with the console design and accessories shown to fans alongside some upcoming games. I had a look at the PS5 in the post – PlayStation 5 Console Reveal.

Guest Post

I wrote up a guest post covering Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sound Selection CD over at Echoes in Audio’s website too. I’ll probably end up doing some more guest posts over there about video game music and audio so keep an eye out for that.

Social Media

The most popular social media post across the Side Mission Blog channels in June was over on Instagram with a photograph of the Max Payne statue included with the collector’s edition of Max Payne 3:

Next Month

Got a few things planned for July – I’m writing up my thoughts on The Last of Us Part II which I spent the last week of June playing. Despite the negativity surrounding the game from the online community, I thought it was great. More on that later though.

I also picked up a few indie games for Nintendo Switch in the eShop sale last month, so I might try to post reviews for some of them.

If you’ve got any suggestions for content you’d like to see featured, let us know with a comment on the blog or social media.

Again, if you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading the blog! The past few months have seen a steady increase in visitors which is always a nice thing to see. Cheers!

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